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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recchi Goonified

Shame! Shame on you Mark Recchi. And you played for the Habs!! I figured of all players on the Bruins, you'd have the most common sense. I was wrong.

Not only were your comments on Boston radio yesterday completely off-base, but it seems a bit curious as to why a veteran player such as yourself would fan the fire and give the Habs even more motivation against the Bruins!?

True, you may have been goaded into saying that the Habs over-exaggerated Max Pacioretty's injury to try to get Chara suspended. But if you didn't feel that way, you would have said so.

Maybe this is your weak attempt to distract the Habs, who seem pretty focused on trying to catch the Bruins for the division lead. If they are to do this, they definitely need to win tonight.
Habs are in Boston tonight, coming off a 2-0 loss at home to the Sabres, while the Bruins won their last game 4-1 against the Devils.

It's funny how the Bruins just keep digging themselves into a hole. Such bad karma on this team, no matter what they say, from this affair to the Pacioretty incident to Ference mouthing off earlier this year to Marchand whining about Subban and the Habs. It'll be fitting when the Habs knock them out in the first round of the playoffs -- this black and gold team that so many have picked to go deep. Yah right.

The Habs have already clinched the season series and have split the games in Boston so far. Last time the Habs were defeated 8-6 which was supposedly a turning point for the Bruins against the Montreal squad. Then the next game the Habs were whooping them good when Pacioretty was injured.

Learn to lose like winners Boston Bruins and you may become winners yourself, some day.

Always a fun, tense and emotional match up the Habs vs. the Bruins.

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