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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


UPDATE 3:25 pm -- Zdeno Chara does not receive a suspension for last night's hit on Max Pacioretty. Not pleased.

Disgusting!! Sickening! Terrible!! Gutless!! Irresponsible!!

These are but some of the words being thrown around today after last night's tilt against the Bruins which saw Zdeno Chara with 16 seconds left in the 2nd period send Max Pacioretty into the "turnbuckle" between the two benches.

What should have been a posting about how dominating the Canadiens were in pretty much every facet of the game, as well as lauding Lars Eller's best game so far in the NHL, has now been turned into this:

Pacioretty's head made direct contact with the turnbuckle, his head stopping while the body continued to move forward. He landed on the ice, out cold and to some, appeared dead!!

Thankfully he's not dead, and media reports from the game indicated that he was conscious, responsive and moving all of his extremities.

Just as this young, promising power-forward was starting to reach his stride, he was knocked down.

It was hard to identify exactly what happened in normal speed, but slowed down it clearly shows that Chara pushed Pacioretty's head towards its final destination. The puck wasn't even close, the period was about to end, and Chara's act was completely senseless. He was given a 5 minute major, a game misconduct and now we wait to see what the league office will say.

He's going to get suspended. Let's remember that Chara is a repeat offender, and hopefully this will be taken into account. However, it's hard to identify Chara's intent (kind of a sneaky play liek the Steckel hit on Crosby) and knowing Chara, I wouldn't think he was trying to kill the guy. He just wanted to send him into the bench.

Nothing wrong there, but Chara as a veteran has absolutely no excuse for doing what he did, where he did. Because they weren't in the corner, that's the point! How would he like it if he had his face slammed into the turnbuckle at 65km/hr?

Coincidence that it was Pacioretty who scored the OT winner a few games back against the Bruins and gave the big guy an innocent shove away from his celebration? Definitely not.

And then there's that arse of a big mouth young player Marchand whining pre-game that the Habs are a dirty team and should get what's coming to them. Intent???? Why are the Bruins letting him be their mouthpiece??? Does this seem like a team in control of itself? We had Ference condemn his teammate last month, then Marchand acting like he's the authority on what's fair and what's not. Keep your mouth shut kid or someone will shut it for you.

I'd like to see Chara pay, and like to see him receive retribution, but it's not going to happen. What we can hope for is probably a 3 game suspension and the fact that the Bruins now have an ample source of bad karma to deal with, which will surely emerge. This will also lead to tentativeness in their game and result in a tailspin in the standings and playoffs.

All I can say is, the Bruins better pray they don't face the Habs in the playoffs.

The Habs, with last night's 4-1 win, go to 4-1 on the season against the Bruins, beating them no matter who's between the pipes. Last night it was Tukka Rask. One more game left between the two teams this season.

All we can do is hope for the best

MaxPac is a strong-willed, strong young man. He has overcome quite a few obstacles already in his short career. You may recall he's already been strong-armed and suffered a concussion 2 seasons ago.

He took a shot off of his ribcage from Wisniewski and came back the next game.

This time though he's not going to be as lucky. The latest reports indicate MaxPac has a fractured vertebrae in his neck.
This from head coach Jacques Martin on Wednesday:

“Max Pacioretty has a severe concussion, as well as a fracture of the fourth cervical vertebrae, but it's not displaced,” explained Martin. “Max will remain at the hospital for further observation. There will be no other prognosis for the time being, but he will obviously be out indefinitely. The most important thing for our organization right now is Max’s recovery. We will continue following recommendations from the doctors and of course, Max and his immediate family would appreciate privacy in this matter.”

But Chara's act truly ruined a perfectly good hockey game, as in the 3rd the crowd and both teams seemed to be in quiet shock. What is it going to take for the NHL to finally come down once and for all on headshots and to redesign the "turnbuckle" so it's no longer a life and death hazard!?

Why can't the Bruins, who were being dominated, lose like winners? Because they're the Bruins, that's why. And until the franchise realizes that the Don Cherry style of play has only one result and one result only -- losing -- they will continue to go cup-less for years to come.

Skill always beats braun in hockey, and the Habs / Bruins rivalry is a perfect example. Meanwhile, the Bruins last cup, in '72, featured possibly the most skilled player ever to lace 'em up, namely Bobby Orr. Coincidence??? We know not.

Hopefully Pacioretty will make a full, physical recovery. Then we can see if he can resume his career. On a best case scenario, this will be next year. Thanks Zdeno for taking out one of our most promising up-and-coming players. You're a real champ.


Habs have now won 5 in a row and are now only 3 back of the Boo-ins.

They travel to St. Louis for a game tomorrow night. Good news, Halak is back and hopefully will start. Price has a GAA of 1.00 over his last four games. I like the Habs' chances.

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