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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Injuries, Lots of Injuries

What a year for injuries!!

As lucky as they were back in '08-'09 where nobody was really injured for long stretches, the last 2 seasons have been the complete opposite, with this season being a total horror show!!!!
Photo: Marc Appolonio/CBC

Not only did we lose 2 of our top 4 dmen in Markov and Gorges for the season, but we lose Pacioretty for the season -- our most improved forward -- we lose Cammy for 13 games and he's having an off year in general; Spacek, though most think he's done with the Habs after this season, had to have knee surgery and may be back in time for the playoffs; Sopel, who was brought in to shore up the PK and backend now has a fractured hand and there's no timetable for his return; and now Halpern and gulp, Plekanec did not finish last night's 4-2 loss to the Caps.

This is not good. Not good at all my friends.

If Plekanec's injury is serious (no word yet) our team is in serious peril. Not only for the offence but pretty much every facet of our game: faceoffs, PK, PP, etc. And the top 2 lines haven't been firing on all cylinders anyway, so don't be surprised if the Habs take a bit of a tumble in the standings... hate to say it, but that's the reality if the team doesn't get consistent and regular contributions from Gomez, Gionta and Cammelari. There's just so much Eller and Kostitsyn can do.

And Wisniewski took a shot off the skate or ankle and although he didn't miss a shift, who knows what will be today!?

Last night, our rooks did their best to fill the void but kinda blew it. Desharnais had a few chances which he couldn't finish and was caught watching Subban take out Ovechkin on the game winning goal by Johansson; and Eller took a senseless penalty late in the 3rd, only 18 clicks into a Habs powerplay thus blowing that chance at potentially stealing a point.

This game shouldn't have even been close -- the Caps dominated and dominated the right way. They hit, they won battles, they played with speed. Carey Price was on top of his game after a bit of a weird... and shaky start. First that goal resulting from a weird bounce off the glass behind Price's net. Then after the Habs got a lucky one of their own only 20 seconds later, a puck squeezed through Price and sat on the red line for what seemed like an eternity until Hendricks poked it in. But lo and behold, the goal was waved off and the play on the ice stood. That was a lucky break. Too bad the Habs couldn't take advantage. But Price was brilliant last night.

It's not all bad news though: On a nice note, Max Pacioretty was in the building pre-game and met with a few of the players. So far, according to him, he's ahead of schedule in his recovery. He's not experiencing any post-concussion symptoms -- which is great -- and he's walking fine. Now just give some time to give that fractured vertabrae what it needs to heal itself and hopefully we'll see him on skates in the fall.

Meanwhile some fans decided to hold a protest against the NHL decision not to suspend Chara. I hear it kind of fell flat.

Big Bad Goons at it again: The Bruins' Brad Marchand elbowed R.J. Umberger last night in Columbus. Supposedly he left his feet. Although the play was missed by the on-ice officials, people are saying there may be supplemental discipline. What is the matter with this team!!?? I think they're starting to take the physical game a bit too far. It's only a matter of time some team starts to run their best players. Careful Timmy, careful.

But seriously, it would be a shame if a great, honest player like Bergeron had to pay for the idiocy of his coach and teammates.

Dem Leafs, another "biggest game of the season": Haha, not that it matters but if they want to keep their slimmest of slim playoff hopes alive, they must tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes, who won 1-0 last night on the back of a superb performance by Cam Ward.

Next game: Habs host the Lightning. This will go a long way deciding whether the Habs have any chance at moving up in the standings. Then 2 road games against the Rangers and Wild in Minnesota.

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