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Monday, March 14, 2011

Off Day...

Lotsa stuff still going on:

1) Richard Martin, one of the famous "French Connection" line (w/Rene Robert and Gilbert Perreault) of the Buffalo Sabres' hayday, died Sunday, apparently of a heart attack while driving. He was 59. He just made an appearance two weeks ago in Buffalo to celebrate the new ownership. That's too bad.

2) Not much news on the Pacioretty front. Which is probably a good thing. Missing him on the powerplay though. Let's win it for Max!!!

3) Is there a bigger arse on tv than Don Cherry!? Of course he would blast Geoff Molson. Of course he can't name Pacioretty by name. Of course he takes sides with the Bruins. Why is this old, expired, bigotted, fashion-handicapped geezer on tv, let alone CBC's flagship broadcast. And as usual, Ron MacLean sits there with a funny look on his face, saying nothing (probably afraid Cherry will stomp on his imported Italian loafers) like the good foot soldier he is.

What an utter joke the CBC has made of "HNIC." Then watch: this coming week Cherry will clarify his comments, mention Pacioretty by name and then say something patronizing that he's pleasing all the bleeding hearts that wrote in about it... what a joke!!!! Molson shouldn't let that friggin' old goat into the Molson Centre. The guy had a cup of coffee in the NHL as a player and is best known for blowing his team's chance at going to the Stanley Cup finals with a too many men on the ice penalty. That's your legacy, blowhard!!! The closest thing this guy comes to the cup is when he's asked to give his doctor a urine sample... yuk yuk yuk.

4) Sidney Crosby is skating!! I had a feeling we were close to this since he was in Pittsburgh over the weekend. Wish him well and hope he gets back. Now the Pens have a big decision. When he's ready, which is still weeks away I would think, do you risk putting him back in the lineup for the playoffs!? Potentially putting him in a vulnerable position?? But the team is not the same team without him, that's for sure. Tough call...

5) How about dem Leafs??? Yes excitement is brewing in the Big Smoke and everyone's riding high after the Leafs won a big game at home against the Sabres on Saturday night. The playoffs are in their sights! But wait a second?! Yes they beat the Sabres, yet after the weekend the Leafs were even more points behind (6 vs. 4) before the weekend even began. Ha ha ha! They have 13 games left. That means they have to pick up 2 points every two games on either the Sabres or the Rangers (who are in 7th and 8th). Good luck with that.

Well maybe the last game of the season for the Leafs -- at home against the Habs -- will mean something. Leafs to make the playoffs, Habs to get home ice advantage. And of course, THIS HABS FAN IN LEAFLAND WILL BE THERE!!!


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