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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back To Le Futur

You know... I spoke about groundhog day a lot this past season with the Habs.

Seemed like the same thing kept repeating over and over and... over!

But with Gauthier gone and new GM Marc Bergevin in place, I thought that'd be over. That we turned a corner.

Michel Therrien in his first stint as Head Coach of the Habs. More hair, less ability than he has now -- we hope.

Think again.

Because today's naming of Michel "my players are too soff" Therrien is the same ol' story. We've seen it before, right!?

And it didn't end too good.

Of course someone on TSN -- probably Darren Dreger -- said that if Scotty Bowman was named head coach today, there probably would have been dancing in the streets. Knowing Montreal, riots even.

But Michel Therrien is no Scotty Bowman. He hasn't won a thing as a coach.

I have to say, I'm not a big fan of the guy. I wanted Marc Crawford. And supposedly it was right down to the wire between both Therrien and Crawford. But this time, it was supposedly his previous stint with the club that was his advantage. That he could handle it, now that he knows what to expect.

There may be some logic to that.

But just like Therrien, I'm older now too. I'm more able to put my ego aside and look at the bright side of things.

For one,  he's now an experienced coach. He's no rookie.

That's good.

Two, he coached arguably the best hockey player in the world, Sidney Crosby.

That's good too. And supposedly the man himself gave his old coach a call today, wishing him his congratulations.

And along with Crosby, Therrien coached a bunch of other young players in Pittsburgh, like Malkin, Stahl, Dupuis, Fleury, Kennedy.

And you know, I like Marc Bergevin. I get a good vibe from him. So I'm willing to give this a shot. After all, what choice do we have?

Fans have been shouting their complaints all day today and I say, I can't blame them. Even my brother came up with a good one: Therrien -- means "the nothing" in english, haha. Let's hope this isn't the case.

But the French media, they've been eating this up. Loving it! Everyone's been chirping in. Everyone except, strangely enough, that old bag Bertrand Raymond who bastes everyone who isn't French. Maybe Raymond doesn't like Therrien!?

Gee, maybe our new head coach isn't so bad after all. :)



10-0 on the road?
First team to knock off the 1-2-3 seeds on their conference?
First 8th seed to go all the way?

Yeah! The L.A. Kings are going to win the Stanley Cup for crying out loud!?

When the playoffs began, Vegas put them at 75-1. Whoda thunk it?

But like I said in a post last month, this team is different than other cinderella stories of the past. They've been dominant in each round. Opportunistic. Timely scoring. They're getting great goaltending. Game after game, a new hero emerges. In the end, they're just too strong for the New Jersey Devils. And Jonathan Quick? He's your 2012 Conn Smythe winner. Congrats Kings. I might as well say it now... even Wayne Gretzky couldn't bring the cup home to you. Well earned. Much more of a championship-worthy team than those goonish Booins. Good for you.