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Friday, December 31, 2010

Roadtrippus Agonizingus Continues

It's fun to be a hockey fan... but not right now if you're a Montreal Canadiens fan.

Last night's game has to leave most of us -- and the Habs' coaching staff -- scratching their heads.

What can we do to get this team out of its current funk?

Unfortunately even James Wisniewski's debut couldn't inspire the troops last night as they fell to the Lightning 4-1 in a game where the Canadiens had good early jump and a few near misses to end the first period in the lead, only to then thrown it all away off the bat in the second with indiscipline, mental errors and uninspired play.

This wasn't Carey Price's sharpest effort either, and Martin pulled the plug on him in the third.

But you know, it's not too often you win hockey games when you score only 1 goal... whether it's my beer league team or the pros. Scoring continues to be a major issue with this team.

Good for Cedrick Desjardins, the former Habs rookie goaltender -- he'll remember this for a long time. He was solid, but really wasn't seriously tested.

Who is to blame for not one, but two "Too Many Men" penalties in a row leaving the Canadiens down 2 men early in the second?? Could be the coach, could be the players. In the post-game scrum, Martin clearly blamed these penalties on "mental mistakes" ie: the players on the ice.

In any case, it changed the mood of the team considerably once St. Louis tied the score on a play Price should have had. After that, the team crawled back into its shell and played the kind of hockey we've almost come to expect on this road trip.

Thank goodness, only one more game left before heading back home, tonight against the Florida Panthers. Maybe the Habs can at least end the year on a positive, head home and regroup for the second half.

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