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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leafs Lose in Classic Fashion

It's so true. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Witness last night at the Air Canada Centre.

Leafs were up 3-1 with less than 13 minutes left in the 3rd after scoring a fluky goal when the puck hit a stantion behind the net and popped right out into the slot for Kulemin to put home. Our boy Komisarek actually got an assist on the play.

But just over a minute later, our boy Komi was up to his usual poor decision-making, leaving Marty St. Louis completely alone in front of the net while his linemates botched up a play at the blue line. "San Louis" as Joe Bowen pronounces it, made no mistake when the puck came his way. Love that guy (wish he was on the Habs).

Still only 3-2 and the Leafs settled down and it looked like they were going to win... but wait! We've seen this one before. It's like "Groundhog Day" -- practically as reliable as a Timex. With 12.5 seconds left, Schenn iced the puck!!! Which would/should normally result in a scolding. Icing the puck when you're up by one in a close game, always dicey. You know Jacques Martin would have been pissed.

If Ron Wilson didn't chew out his defenseman, in my opinion that's reason alone to fire him. This guy lets too many poor plays slide.

So of course, the Bolts win the faceoff (Dominic Moore btw) and San Louis scores from the point. Nice. Then Schenn, not having been benched by his coach for that icing play, makes a brutal backhand pass that leads to the game winning 2 on 1 for the Bolts in OT.

I couldn't help but laugh... made me feel like a kid again. Why? Because I've seen the Leafs lose soooo many games like this, it's funny!!!!!! This is a trend that's been going on since the early 80's. The Leafs -- they are experts in throwing games away.

Btw, the Habs organization should be very careful with making deals with the Lightning, a team that seems to be taking cues from the Habs, with success. More on this down the road. Also, GM Steve Yzerman -- he's like a kid watching the game. Chomping on chewing gum. He looks like he's loving this! It's nice to see a guy around hockey who really loves hockey for a change.

Ho! The Leafs have now dropped 15 of 19 since winning 4 in a row to start the season. Cue to Tom Petty: Freefallin'!

Love that song.

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