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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfect Week for the HABS Until...

There it was. The HABS were comfortably ahead of the pesky Hurricanes 5-2 and things were looking great. The top scorers were scoring. Price was continuing his stellar play. The Habs were about the wrap up a perfect week of hockey, going 3-0, winning two games against two of the most-seemingly powerful teams in the league, the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins (both overrated if you ask me) and on the verge of defeating their nemesis in the 'Canes, when all of a sudden, we saw a total replay of Markov's injury against the Pens in the second round of last year's playoffs.

Markov Goes Down

Hoo boy what a waste. Just when his game was coming around. Well after all the talk about the team's depth this week after O'Byrne's trade, it'll get put to the test now. The funny thing is I don't think the loss of Markov (rumoured to be three months but unsure until tests come back) will be as much of a negative impact to the team as it was last year. The Habs have their identity and Markov is slowly becoming less important to the team, especially with the inspired play of young Subban. This week saw the team play the kind of hockey that they were playing in last year's playoffs. Outstanding goaltending, followed by strong special team play and timely goals.

Let's wish Markov a speedy recovery. But boy it was essentially the same play as in last year's playoffs, Markov falling awkwardly into the boards trying to make a play in the corner...

Markov gets hurt against Pens


There are three Habs on the official All-Star ballot touting the experiment the NHL is trying for this year's bore: Gionta, Cammelari and Markov. Obviously, these were made over the summer...we know this because Mark Streit is on the ballot for the Islanders and he hasn't even played a game this year. Not only should Price be on the ballot -- which everyone was calling for this week -- but what about TOMAS PLEKANEC!!! 

This guy has been the engine for the Habs offensively and is an elite player and proves it every night. Here's a guy who took less dough than he could have got on the open free agent market, plays his heart out every night, puts points up on the board no matter who he plays with, and plays a terrific two-way game. Man is he underrated in the eyes of the league, but you can be sure that when teams play against the Habs, his name is always on the board in their dressing room as one to keep an eye out on.

Great week for the Habs. Gionta looking like he's coming back and even Gomez scored. And Kostitsyn got a goal last night which will hopefully wake him up. Except for Markov going down, damn good week for the Habs, solidifying their lead atop the Northeast. KEEP IT UP!!!!

PS: Carey Price will undoubtedly be one of the NHL's three stars this week if not #1, going 3-0 with 1 shutout and 3 goals allowed in 4 games. Nice...

PSS: Leafs have to stop listening to Tom Petty's "Freefalling" in their dressing room if they want to start winning. Burke, get rid of Wilson already!  :)

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