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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jaro Pulls a T.C. Chen !!

It's been a tough week for poor Jaro Halak.

After a sizzling start with his new team, Jaro has been pummeled of late, giving up 19 goals in 4 games -- all losses of course. He was also pulled the other week. Well there's another stat he has up on Pricey -- Jaro has been pulled once, to Price's none.

I watched the game the other night that saw Jaro facing his old d-man Ryan O'Bryne, now on the Avalanche (btw O'Byrne got smoked in a fight). He gave up 3 goals in the 1st period, and looked a bit rattled. If Halak's GAA was on the stock market you'd want in, because it is going up up up!

Last night Halak got shelled for 7 goals against the Red Wings. But it was the first Detroit goal that's getting all the attention because Jaro scored on himself by pulling a T.C. Chen!

Now for those of you not literate with such semi-obscure cultural references, first you should learn everything there is to know about "Jumping The Shark."

T.C. Chen will always live in infamy in the sporting world, and specifically the golfing world, because of what he accomplished in the 1985 U.S. Open. In the 4th round, he hit a chip shot twice (in the same swing) that ended up costing him the tournament.

Jaro accomplished the same feat last night. A bit of bad luck, but a T.C. Chen nevertheless -- right into his own net:

Ultimately, I think the Blues' deficiencies are starting to manifest after a great start and there's not much Halak can do about it. The loss of T.J. Oshie to injury hurts big time and they just don't have the kind of offensive punch needed to succeed in their conference. When a guy like Matt D'Agostini is leading the team in goals -- that's right, that Matt D'Agostini, then you know you have a problem. Nothing against D'Agostini. I liked him as a Hab. He has a great shot. But as we are all well aware, his production tends to drop off, big time.

I just can't wait until the Habs play St. Louis this year.

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