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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hello folks. Remember me?

It's been 7 months since my last posting...and as it turns out there's quite a lot of backstory to why; but in the short-term let me say that I am in the business here of writing about NHL! Not the business of hockey, not the KHL, juniors or how large George Parros' moustache is. No, I write about NHL hockey as it plays out on the ice and the moves made around what happens between the red lines.

So let's get going and drop the puck. As it stands, this circumcised season is going to be a transitional one for some teams, the Habs included, leading up to the full season of 2013-14.

More to come...


  1. Let's see what this shortened, likely asterisked season will bring. Playoffs in June and July? Why don't they just start the 2013-14 season early and call it quits around x-mas or new years?

  2. To me asterisk or not, it doesn't matter. In '81 during the MLB strike shortened season, nobody questions the Dodgers' World Series championship.

    If the cup is handed out, whoever wins it wins it fair and square. Still have to win 16 games in the playoffs -- that's not changing -- for now at least. This format should make for interesting, exciting and somewhat unpredictable results.