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Thursday, May 17, 2012

THE ALFRED E. NEUMAN OF HOCKEY: Yesterday on Yahoo! sports there was a story outlining the top 10 Sports Illustrated NHL playoff covers of all-time. While I didn't agree with all of Puck Daddy's selections, there were two Canadiens-related covers: Larry Robinson barging through a Flyers player during the Canadiens' '75-76 run to the Cup; the other showing Mathieu Schneider upending Tomas Sandstrom during the '93 finals.

"What, me worry!?" Keith Magnuson's SI cover captures that era of NHL hockey perfectly. He is the Alfred E. Neuman of hockey, 1970. Pic: Sports Ilustrated

But ultimately the list made me think of my all-time fav SI NHL cover, that of the late Keith Magnuson in 1970, all sweaty and toothless and grinning looking like the Alfred E. Neuman of hockey. Really captures the era. So I posted a comment stating exactly that. And it was nice to see that other readers agreed -- which is nice.

I got the coveted "5 thumbs up" -- which is actually now 6. I'll take it.
You said: "The best all-time SI NHL cover has to be the one with Keith Magnusson when he played for the Blackhawks, cheshire cat grinnned toothless smile makes him look like Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman. Totally captures the... more"


Then again, even if it's not hockey related, this one of a young Terry Bradshaw might even be better.

L.A. KINGS TRAIN KEEPS ON CHOOGLIN': 10-1 in the playoffs? Undefeated on the road going seven straight without a loss? Waah? The L.A. Kings are two wins away from the first finals appearance since '93 when they lost to the Habs. This time, they have a better unit and much, much better goaltending. Kelly Hrudey -- you're no Jonathan Quick.

Man I like this team and they've totally befuddled the 'Yotes and their frustrations are getting the better of them, as symbolized in the Doan and Hanzal hits, the latter getting a one-game suspension on his hit from behind to Conn Smythe candidate Dustin Brown.

Let's also keep in mind, no eighth seed has ever gone on to win the Stanley Cup. Or should we say, not yet!?

Game 3 is tonight in Los Angeles.

RANGERS AREN'T PLAYING LIKE A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM: Everyone pretty much picked the Rangers to beat the Devils, but really -- are they playing the kind of game that wins championships? John Torterella can mope and yell all he wants, but this team is playing like it's already in the bag, and even if they squeak it out and get to the finals, I can't see them beating the Kings the way that team is playing.

Last night's 3-2 loss to the Devils handed New Jersey home ice advantage. Can the Devils take it to them? They were able to get pucks by Lundqvist through tips and top shelf. That's the way to do it. And even if I picked the Rangers to win, I'm rooting for the Devils. After all, Marty Brodeur, he's doing it for Gary. Gary Carter that is :)


  1. This is LA Kings year, or at least it should be. I had picked the Coyotes and Devils, and since the Kings are now in the finals, I am going with them. Could be the 1st team ever to win from the 8th and final playoff spot. The only reason to root for the Devils is Marty Brodeur...

    1. Yeah because he's doing it for Gary... :)

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