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Friday, December 30, 2011

Blew It... Again!

Broken record, Groundhog Day, instant replay you name it ...

Leading 3-1 late into the 2nd period, the Habs gave up a soft goal, let Tampa Bay back into the game and ended up losing 4-3.

We've seen this over and over... and over... this year.

How many times have the Habs had leads in games, only to end up stumbling down the stretch and lose out on the 2 points!??

Carey Price looks up to the crowd in Tampa Bay last night. He knows he can be better. Habs lost the game 4-3. 

So many times, that when they showed a graphic on the subject on RDS last night, they needed two screens to do it.

That's a lot of points thrown away.

Points that make all the difference at the end of the season.

Hard to think the Canadiens could make the big show at season's end, given that they can't seem to protect leads.

Hard to lay blame for last night's loss per se except that Carey Price has had stronger outings. He made a couple of nice saves, especially on Vinny Lecavalier but the softie he let in at the end of the 2nd period really set the team back on its heels coming into the 3rd. And a soft rebound in front led to Tampa's winning goal which I'm sure he'd like back.

This year's Canadiens can't seem to play with the lead. Lack of confidence, for sure.

Sad to see because after going down 1-0 early the Canadiens were really the stronger team on the night.

But that just seems to be the way things are going this year.

Lottery pick? Why the hell not!? I'm starting to think this might be our best bet to get SOMETHING positive out of this year. Better to get the high draft pick than to pull a Maple Leafs, go on a late season run and miss the playoffs by 2 points.

And that's the fact Jack.


  1. As Yogi Berra once said: It's deja vu all over again...Habs are best when they are counted out, it seems, so let's see what they can do in 2012, no one is expecting any great things based on the first part of the season.

  2. Yogi Berra. Now there's a guy who knew what he was talking about, when he talked about stuff :)