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Friday, September 23, 2011

Max Scored 2?! Love it!!

Did I ever tell you about my theory about how preseason losses usually results in regular season wins? Well it's true. I don't have any hard figures to share with you, but it's just something I know to be true. Usually when the Habs shit the bed in the preseason, they have a strong regular season.

Let's hope this to be correct because the Habs lost their 3rd game in a row tonight in Ottawa against the rebuilding Senators. Carey Price et al fell behind 3-0 before Max Pacioretty scored two straight power play goals (nice Max, that first one must have felt amazing).

Well that's what this is out the kinks, get back to the flow, find your rhythm. Scott Gomez returned to action and posted an assist on Max's first tally, along with Erik Cole. I like that. Keep it up boys.

Nathan Lawson, a pickup from the Islanders, came in to replace Price and got an assist on Max's 2nd goal. Boy, maybe this guy is after Price's job!? Shutout hockey, gets an assist. Reminds me of...well, me!! Just kidding. He's going down to the minors next week, like I certainly would -- as the water boy!!

SCRATCH THAT SHIT! SCOTT GOMEZ JUST SCORED WITH LESS THAN A MINUTE TO TIE THE GAME 3-3. ET LE BUT!!!! Way to go SG11. Now there's a man on a mission this out kids! Erik Cole and Weber with assists. Ahhhhhh. On to OT, but I don't care what happens now. This is possibly the worst fumbing in journalism since the 1948 US Presidential election where papers declared Dewey the winner. But I digress. I'm posting this before I change my mind. Game is now going to a shootout. Hope MaxPac scores the winner.

Serves me right to write posts before the game is in the books. A pleasant error to be sure. Hmm, Brock Trotter is -2 tonight. Not the way to make your case for the 13th forward...

In any case, the preseason continues tomorrow night with the Senators coming back to Montreal to play at the phone booth tomorrow night. Maybe they'll all go out to Chez Paree tonight :)

Wish I was there now...g'night.

NEXT TIME: I'M NOT THE ONLY HABS FAN IN LEAFLAND... and being from Montreal has nothing to do with it.


  1. Love that first line about the Habs shitting the bed 3rd loss in a row blah better go check your sheets pal...i think your report stinks..and I now see what happens to the HABS fans once in T.O.....they forget how awesome the habs are...and predict LOSSES!!! This is not the maple leaf circus clown organization. It's that smelly T.O. air that comes out of those steamy sewer grates...that shit affect your brain. Don't breathe that shit in. Reminder to sewr gas affected brain...Brain, please wait until the fat lady sings. This is a Montreal Tradition.