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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Hockey Gods Let Me Down!!!

OH woeth is me... Hockey Gods! Why have thou struck me down!? What did I do to offend thee!? What did the Habs do wrong!? Have we besmirched thee!?

The answer is nothing. I did nothing to besmirch the Hockey Gods.

Now that I've thoroughly purged the sickness to my stomach which resulted from the ugh... Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup (I can hardly write it, I'm telling you), I'm ready to discuss this. Although my faith in the Hockey Gods has been shaken, the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup this year only makes sense if the Habs bring it back to its rightful home to Montreal in 2012.

My full faith in you will be restored oh Hockey Gods as by then, it'll all make sense.

Yes, the Bruins were the better team in the Finals. Yes, the Canucks choked and definitely did not play their best hockey. Yes most definitely, Timmy Thomas deserves everything he's getting right now. The guy played terrific and got into the heads of his opponent, just like every top goalie who ends up winning it all has done in the past. Just like Dryden. Just like Roy. And just like Hasek.

Sure the Canucks were hurt. No doubt Ryan Kessler was nursing something. He just wasn't the force he was in the previous three series. But hey! The Bruins lost Nathan Horton, who had been really clutch for that team. After all, it could even be argued that if Horton had gotten hurt in the first round, the Habs might have pulled it out.

But what I will not argue is that just because the Habs pushed the Bruins to the brink, and played their hearts out, that if they had prevailed in the opening round it would have been them hoisting the cup last week. I didn't see this year's team as a Stanley Cup winner.

But I do for 2012!

Why!? Quite simply, it's all part of the Hockey Gods' master plan.

The Bruins had to hit the lowest of the lows in order to hit the highest of the highs. Last year, they blew a 3-0 series lead only to lose to the Flyers in Game 7. This year, they won it all.

Is there anything worse for the Habs than to see the Bruins win the Cup, especially this year? A year that saw Chara almost end Max Pacioretty's career, and former Hab Mark Recchi wipe off his online doctor's diploma to say the injury wasn't all that bad??? A year that saw Ference give the finger to the Montreal crowd, then say it was an equipment malfunction? A year that saw the Habs dominate the Bruins in the regular season, only to fall to the Beantowners because of a lucky break???

I don't think so. This is officially the lowest of the low for the Habs. And now, the rebound back the other way to the highest of the highs is surely to take place.

Everyone can see that the Habs have something quite good in the making. Young, exciting talents like Carey Price and P.K. Subban form the kind of bedrock in which championships are won. Leaders like Captain Brian Gionta and Hal Gill have gone all the way and know what it takes to win. Elite world players like Tomas Plekanec who have played on all sorts of stages, and are just biting at the bit to take it to the next level professionally.

Plus a bunch of other solid players, still quite young, who have a lot to prove... and want to do it on the big stage in Montreal.

That's why the Habs resigned Frere Andrei Kostitsyn. It's why they resigned Mathieu Darche, a guy who takes nothing for granted. It's why they resigned Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais. It's why they resigned Hal Gill. It's also why they will resign Andrei Markov.

And it's why Jaromir Jagr is supposedly interested in signing with the Habs. It probably won't happen, but just goes to show you, he sees and knows what's happening in Montreal. Not to mention his obvious chemistry with fellow Czech Plekanec but that's besides the point. Everyone plays well with Plekanec. Maybe Gomez should play the wing...

Folks, I'm looking at the bright side of the Bruins' championship. And here it is:

1) We didn't really want Max Lapierre and Chris Higgins to win the Stanley Cup, did we?
2) I always thought Luongo was overrated and this proved it; and though he can't be pinned with the full blame, his shows in Boston weren't winning material.
3) Tim Thomas, hey, the guy is a great story -- and at 37, he probably only has a few more years left.
4) Michael Ryder hoisting the Cup -- good for him. I always liked him, even if he did burn the Habs this post-season -- but he probably won't be resigned by the Bruins this summer.
5) I didn't watch Chara pick up the Cup, but I did hope he'd fall back and hit his head with it and supposedly, that almost happened. And he'll get his eventually...

But most importantly: The Bruins win LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER THE ENTIRE CANADIENS' ORGANIZATION. No more messing around now. This is serious.


This is the first time the Stanley Cup has been won by the Northeast Division since the Habs last won in '93 (or whatever the division was called at the time) plus the first time since 1972 -- the last time the Bruins won prior to this year -- that a Habs divisional rival has won the Stanley Cup. In fact, the Bruins may not have been in the same division back then.

Think about it: Remember the old Adams Division? Who other than the Habs won it all from that division?? Since that time the Habs have been in a division with the Hartford Whalers, the Quebec Nordiques, the Bruins, the Buffalo Sabres, the Maple Leafs, and who else? I'm not even sure. But what I can be sure is, none of these teams ever won the Cup, except now for the Bruins.

Plus, we know that it's only fitting the Cup would come back to Canada in the storied hands of the Montreal Canadiens. Not the Vancouver Canucks, who always let me down, whom I wanted to lose until they faced the Bruins in the finals, and whom I will never, ever root for again.

The last time the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup with Bobby Orr leading the way, the Habs went on to win 5 championships (in '73, '76',77, '78' and '79). History has a way of repeating itself :)

Take that Jack Edwards (moronic play-by-play man for the Boston Bruins).

I can't wait for the season to begin. Na na na nah, hey heyyyyyy, goodbye!!!


  1. Bruins fan here. Just curious: Wouldn't it be even more painful for you to watch the Leafs lift the Cup?
    I know for some Bruins fans, if the Whalers were still around and won, that would be the ultimate #@%*&!

  2. Hello Bruins fan and thanks for your comment. Actually, no it would not be given that I live in Toronto now. Even more so, the Leafs are so laughable, it's hard to even call this a rivalry anymore. But the Bruins, I hate the Bruins. The good kind of hate. The one I used to have for the old Quebec Nordiques and like you obviously had for the Whalers. I loved to hate the Nords. Now I miss that, as I'm sure you miss hating Hartford. But the Bruins rivalry, there's just too many heartstopping moments for both sides.

    Thanks for reading.