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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The announcement we've all been waiting for... no, not the Bruins losing in the Finals -- that'll be next week.


Get ready for sold out crowds, bitter winters and... missing the playoffs!?

The announcement is coming at noon ET today.

Cannah wait. Because this means guess who's next!? Thaaaat's right, Quebec City!!!!!

We need those Nordiques back. All my hate has been put towards the Boo-ins, and that's okay. But there was something special about that Nordiques hate that only Quebecers can understand. Get that arena built!!!

Once that happens, we can work on getting back the Expos...


Stanley Cup Finals -- matchups are locked in
So the Bruins did it, against all odds. I'll give them some credit, they have persevered through a lot. And Nathan Horton has been the difference-maker, along with Timmy Thomas.

But so have the Canucks! Almost losing to their nemesis Chicago Blackhawks after going up 3-0. Coming back against some bad losses against Nashville. Coming back down 2-1 with 14 seconds left in the game to tie and then defeat the Sharks to clinch.

Lot on the line here. Boston would be winning their first cup since the Bobby Orr, pre-Don Cherry era in 1972. Vancouver, in the league since 1970, has never won a cup. This should be a good series, in any case. But I can't see the Canucks losing.

BRING THE CUP HOME TO CANADA -- even if technically, the Cup would be closer to Montreal if it were in Boston. Customs is a drag these days.

Stanley Cup Finals
Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

Special teams. The Canucks are going to whip the Bruins in this regard. The possible addition of Malhotra (regardless of what Dr. Recchi says) can be the emotional lift the team needs at this point. Boston's powerplay bites. But they play a strong team game and when they sustain it, they are a very good team. The problem for them is, so do the Canucks. And they have more firepower. I like the Canucks. Some have said they may sweep the Bruins. I don't think that'll happen.

I said it once and I stick to what I believe: skill beats brawn everytime in hockey. We know who's who here.

Who-da thunk Max Lapierre would be raising the Cup over his head this year!? Boy did he luck out. Higgins too. But good for both of them, they've raised their games... and their confidence... since joining the 'Nucks at the trade deadline.

Habs Fan in LeafLand: Canucks in 5

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