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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wotta Night of Hockey!!!

Tonight's a HUGE night in the 1st round of the NHL playoffs. The question is how I'm going to watch it all:

Habs vs. Bruins - Game 6
In Montreal the Habs look to send the series back to Boston for the ultimate showdown tomorrow night. Who in the NHL doesn't want Game 7 to happen???? Price is due after losing his last 7 playoff starts in Montreal and the team needs to redeem themselves after letting Game 4 slip through their fingers. If Montreal plays a full 60 minutes they can pull this out. Then all the pressure goes back onto Boston's shoulders.

Not good. Desharnais is out with a sprained knee, and Wisniewski is doubtful. We'll see who Martin decides to throw in to the lineup.

Whatever happens, it'll be a good game.

Sabres vs. Flyers - Game 7
I have to look it up, but if the Flyers pull this one out, they may be the first team to ever win a playoff series with 3 different starting goaltenders, none who were hurt. Unbelievable how bad their goaltending has been and yet they are still alive. With these epic goaltending issues, how the hell are the Flyers still in this series?? Danny Briere, that's how. The Sabres will be kicking themselves if they lose tonight and they may have already lost with Tim Connelly out. But enter the wildcard, Derek Roy who has been out almost the entire season. Will he be a difference-maker?

Blackhawks vs. Canucks - Game 7
On any normal night, the Habs/Bruins tilt would be THE game to watch. And it is for me, because I'm a Habs fan. However, looking at this objectively, has there been a bigger 1st round game than this one!? The Canucks, President's Trophy winners and Stanley Cup favourites at home against their nemesis and arch-rivals, the defending Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks who have knocked the Canucks out the last two years.

ALL... and I mean ALL the pressure is on the Canucks. Even their GM is sweating it. Yesterday Gillis blamed the refs for his team's Game 6 loss. BIG MISTAKE. First, it shows the Hawks that even management is nervous. Second, if they should win this is not going to bode well with refs in the next round. Third, what he SHOULD HAVE said was we weren't happy with some of the calls, but that's playoff hockey and next time we'll get the calls.

Hoo boy. Will this be another epic collapse of a team up 3-0 like what happened to Boston last year? Or will the Canucks finally exorcize their demons?? Can't wait to find out!!!!!

PS: My favourite playoff whipping boy, Joe (no-show) Thornton finally showed up, scoring the series-ending goal in OT against the L.A. Kings last night and ending that series in 6 games. L.A. came from behind three times and then had a 5 minute power play that extended into OT but couldn't score. Maybe this is San Jose's year, if Thornton scores the big goals.

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