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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Squandering Precious Points!!!

Last night's game against Buffalo seemed like a re-run of last week's game against the Islanders.

Our Canadiens did not display a "killer" attitude and left their opposition off the hook.

Jonas Enroth makes a save in Montreal last night.

The Sabres came out brutally flat and the Habs went to work, sort of. They missed the net on a lot of opportunities and Pacioretty ultimately converted a nice "power forward" type goal to make it 1-0 -- but it's not as if the Habs were playing their best hockey.

The lead was precarious at best, and we knew the Sabres would come out stronger in the 2nd, which they did.

To me, the Habs played the 2nd period as if they believed it were the 3rd -- hanging on to keep the lead. Not a good recipe for success.

Meanwhile the Sabres chipped away and got back into the game, even if Montreal made it 2-0 with a nice goal by Pouliot.

With all of that, the Canadiens still could have put this one away at the end of the 3rd as they were up a man, but couldn't even muster a shot on net.

Once in the shootout, anything can happen. And it kind of mirrored the game. Habs went up 2-0, but couldn't close the deal. It took the Sabres' Hecht to score in the 11th round to give Buffalo the 2 points.


Habs head out to Edmonton today to play there tomorrow night. Hey Pierre! Don't forget to pick up Dustin Penner while you're there.


Heritage Game Saturday Night. I can understand why he'd want to play, but do you think it wise to bring back Cammalleri on this night? I mean, the ice is going to be potentially rough and it's not a normal game. Maybe better to wait for normal circumstances?? Just a thought.

The Habs wasted an opportunity. They could have jumped past the Bruins who lost to the Leafs last night in Boston. Finally little Philip Kessel scored a goal against his former mates. Scored 2 goals. Good one. Bruins have lost 3 since the beatup game against the Habs. What did I say about karma, and gooning!?

The Kids are Alright. It was nice to see the youth movement continue to do well. At one point in the game Pouliot, Desharnais, Pacioretty, Weber and Brendan Nash -- who was called up to replace ailing Spacek -- were all on the ice at the same time. Nash didn't look out of place. Weber continues to be solid and is progressing. We're all gaga about Desharnais and Pacioretty these days, but Pouliot is the one who is really showing some consistency of late, scoring goals in 3 straight games.

Gomez & Co. ugh! Is it just me? I can't help of late to moan when I see Gomer on the ice. The question is, if I'm doing that, what are the coaches feeling? It seems to this point, Martin's strategy is to try to help him play out of his funk.

Case in point, he started the power play at the end of the game that could've won it for the Habs. I disagree with this approach. Not working. The Kostitsyn-Gomez-Moen line was painful to watch last night. Andrei gave a good effort, but it seems he is under the spell of terribly low confidence these days, and nothing seems to be going right for him. I think he's going to be traded, and if not, he will not be resigned. With other, younger guys playing with more urgency and hunger, we're going to have to bite the bullet on this one and watch him succeed elsewhere. If you've followed this blog, you know I've been one of A.K.'s biggest supporters, but my patience has ran out.

Btw, Moen too is trade bait. I like this strappling Canadian boy, but he just doesn't seem to be the impact player he was last year. He doesn't seem to be hurt, so what's up Travis????

Chris Kelly to the Bruins. Who cares? But what I don't like is Burke possibly trading Kaberle to the Bruins. Who's side is he on?????

Cousin Warren was at the Game. Against the Leafs. Like I said. But not only that, he ran into Subban again! This time with some more of his teammates in tow and he helped to play a practical joke on Price. Story to come. But Cousin Warren should be travelling with the team out West, don't you think?

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